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Shading for the Gladiator

The concept of Engineered Shading Solutions goes back thousands of years. The Greeks and Romans provided shading in their Porticos and Colonnades. The Pantheon in Rome was built in 126 C.E. and shaded the Romans from the harsh Italian sun.

New Maxwell Fabrics for Spring 2013

This spring we are making an extrance – a big, bold and bright one. Maxwell Fabrics is bring you a color explosion. Expect new found energy and vibrant saturated color palettes. Decorating with Fabric has everything you could need for 2013!

“InSync Pyramid Shading System” at Gensler and SBLM Architects

Over the past two weeks we have had the pleasure of presentation at two of the biggest Architecture Firms in New York City; Gensler Architects and SBLM Architects. This was the first time our presentation was broadcasted via video conferencing to sister offices around the country. As you can see from the below picture, we …

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The Designer’s Coach Book 2nd Edition

Who Else Wants to Discover the Hidden Keys to Running a Booming Decorating Business Using Dynamic 21st Century Tactics Combined With Timeless, Legendary Customer attraction Strategies

The Legacy Continues..

Long before the term “Entrepreneur” became popular there were generations of merchants, retailers, jobbers, distributors, vendors, shopkeepers, tycoons and many other risk takers simply know as the self employed. My bloodline is a family tree that includes a carpenter, a shoemaker, a fruit and vegetable store owner, a kosher butcher and the most recent past: …

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Sun Powered Shades Are Here!

It’s been a long time coming, but your wait is finally over. Decorating with Fabric Contract is excited to offer a complete window covering control system for your residential or commercial project, powered simply by the new Solar Powered Nickel Metal Hydride battery which is 100% rechargable from the rays of the sun. Welcome to the new InSync SolarPac …

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Is It Time To Update Your Cubical Curtains?

Decorating with Fabric presents the patent pending Simply 66 cubicle curtain snap system. Simply 66 is the ultimate infection control cubicle curtain whose attributes also include its functionality, time and money saving characteristics and ease of installation.

Light Shelves

While light shelves help redistribute the sun’s direct visible energy deep into a building, they also reduce the amount of radiant energy at the building’s perimeter (which, in turn, reduces the building’s cooling load and associated energy consumption). The integration of light shelves to create high-performance building design requires a team approach since, not only are the …

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