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We’re More Then A Pretty Face

An all-day conference on Dynamic Facades: Architecture’s New Frontier may not be high on your “bucket list” but for DWF Contract it made perfect sense.  It was a long day – but a fascinating look into the engineering and design that goes into modern building systems.  Yes, window coverings are a system, just like HVAC …

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Shading for the Gladiator

The concept of Engineered Shading Solutions goes back thousands of years. The Greeks and Romans provided shading in their Porticos and Colonnades. The Pantheon in Rome was built in 126 C.E. and shaded the Romans from the harsh Italian sun.

“InSync Pyramid Shading System” at Gensler and SBLM Architects

Over the past two weeks we have had the pleasure of presentation at two of the biggest Architecture Firms in New York City; Gensler Architects and SBLM Architects. This was the first time our presentation was broadcasted via video conferencing to sister offices around the country. As you can see from the below picture, we …

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Download our NEW Brochure Today!

Decorating with Fabric is pleased to offer its newest and most exciting brochure for download to date. Our brochure features many of our products offered as well as some amazing pictures from past projects. Please follow the link or click the picture to download the brochure now.

Being Green with Smart Glass

There are many kinds of window films available in the market for different functions. These functions include: solar heat reduction, UV protection, glare reduction, privacy, security, energy savings as well as switchable film and film that can be used as a projection screen.

New KoolBlack Roller Shade Fabric Selections

Finally! It seems like evolution in fabric selection is as slow as the evolution process itself. Well the wait seems to be over, as Decorating with Fabric, Inc. is proud to announce its newest and most revolutionary fabric sample called “KoolBlack”.

Is it time to motorize your draperies?

Decorating with Fabric Contract is proud to introduce our newest and most exciting product yet, InSync SmartTrac by InSync Solar Shades. We can now make any space stand out in terms of image, usage and functionality with SmartTrac motorized draperies. 

Custom Drapery as it should be…

We recently finished fabrication and installation on a beautiful interior designed by Ellen Ellish Interiors. Ellen is an amazing designer with incredible creative talent. We have worked with Ellen for many years and have done great projects. But this residence in Brooklyn is one of her best. We are truly fortunate to have been able …

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Drapery School for Architects

Decorating with Fabric is proud to announce its new educational service called: Drapery School for Architects. This is an onsite opportunity for your firm to get immersed into  the area of Residential or Commercial Drapery Design, Fabrics, Drapery Hardware, Motorization and Sustainable Draperies and Window Coverings.

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