Graphic Printed Roller Shades at NJ High School

Graphic printed roller shades have become increasingly more popular over the past few years, especially in schools and commercial applications.

We wanted to share with you a recently completed installation of motorized graphic printed shades for a high school in New Jersey. As you can see from the below photos and video, the shades were coupled and move together, while each panel still has their own individual graphic.

graphic printed shades

This was an especially difficult solution to engineer, so as a result we were able couple the 8 panels and only used 4 motors to operate the shades.

graphic printed shadesThe shades move up and down together via a wired wall switch that we had pre-installed at the same time the power was put in. Below is a great video that shows how seamlessly the 8 shade panels move up and down with just a flick of the switch. Read More

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