Is It Time To Update Your Cubical Curtains?

Decorating with Fabric presents the patent pending Simply 66 cubicle curtain snap system. Simply 66 is the ultimate infection control cubicle curtain whose attributes also include its functionality, time and money saving characteristics and ease of installation.

The powerful and practical qualities of Simply 66 are enhanced with Decorating with Fabric’s cubicle curtain fabrics. Decorating with Fabric offers over 20 in stock designs in over 100 stocked fashion forward colors. Custom colors and patterns are also available with required minimums. These fabric choices are in line with today’s trend towards a “home-like” atmosphere in healthcare, which has been found to reduce patient stress and promote healing.

If a patient or member of the hospital staff soils a small section of a conventional cubicle curtain, health codes require that the Environmental Services or Housekeeping staff remove the entire cubicle curtain for laundering and hang a replacement curtain. This requires most hospitals to keep a stock of replacement cubicle curtains. Many times two complete sets are purchased for each existing track. This practice is extremely expensive for hospitals to maintain.

With a Simply 66 cubicle curtain snap panel system, one size fits all. This is the case since the snap panels have been engineered to allow each 66″W X 66″L section to be added or removed one at a time to our antimicrobial curtain mesh. The maintenance staff simply needs to find a clean snap-panel the same color as the existing soiled panel and snap it on. By removing only the soiled panels of a curtain system for cleaning, laundering costs are greatly reduced. During the panel replacement process, staff can load a cart with many snap panels and change out soiled panels on several floors with just one trip to the curtain storage room, thus saving the staff time and the facility money. Ladders are not required to change out panels because the snap system on each curtain is engineered to be approximately 72 inches from the floor. This is accomplished by varying the length of our antimicrobial curtain mesh to accommodate various ceiling heights.

This one size fits all approach also greatly diminishes the amount of extra curtains needed for replacement stock. It also reduces staff’s search time for the correct curtain size for each track. Therefore, a Simply 66 cubicle curtain system eliminates the potential for hanging the incorrect curtain width which compromises patient privacy.

In addition, with Simply 66’s specialized snap panel technology, an inexpensive anti-microbial/ anti-bacterial liner can be snapped onto the inside of the cubicle curtain system. This will create a healthier environment for the patient. This is especially advantageous for the Emergency Room Department where curtains are constantly being soiled. If the liner gets soiled, it is simply snapped off and replaced without compromising patient privacy. When using this inexpensive snap on liner, the cost savings are apparent over replacing a standard cubicle curtain.


Why Choose Simply 66 Over Other Snap Curtains?
Simply 66   Other Snap Curtains
  • 30% savings on labor & laundry costs
  • Quick-change panels overlap for patient privacy
  • One size fits all rooms in facility
  • 1 year warranty on all products
  • Antimicrobial continuous one-piece mesh custom-made to fit any track size
  • Can use existing cubicle track
  • Protective snap-on liners available to protect fabric
  • Can be used as disposable
  • Save on spares & re-orders
  • Heavy-duty nickel-plated brass snaps
  • No ladders!
  • Multiple sized panels don’t allow for standardization
  • Snaps down sides of panels increase labor
  • Some systems require expensive retrofit of ceiling track- other snap and/or traditional curtains obsolete: will not Hang on new track
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