“InSync Pyramid Shading System” at Gensler and SBLM Architects

Over the past two weeks we have had the pleasure of presentation at two of the biggest Architecture Firms in New York City; Gensler Architects and SBLM Architects. This was the first time our presentation was broadcasted via video conferencing to sister offices around the country. As you can see from the below picture, we presented to a full house at Gensler Architects.

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The picture above shows our Technician, Gary Jarvis describing the Wiring and Termination Design challenges many architects run in to. We present Wiring and Termination Design as follows: Since the level of control is decided upon as well as the need for automation or integration, the wiring strategy and termination design can be finalized. After the 2 base levels of the pyramid has been determined, it is now possible to take the elements of Function and Form to the level of design. With the assistance of the Spec Wizard 3 Part Specs is easily completed.

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Here we can see Neil Gordon presenting to the SBLM NY office as well as the Dallas and Miami offices. This was a unique opportunity for us, as it was our first time presenting via video conference. Obviously there was a partication issue, however we were able to convey our message to the other offices.

image (2)We have had the privilege of presenting our current Lunch and Learn presentation to over 200 architecture firms over the past year. If this is something your office might be interested in please feel free to visit our websites L & L page at http://www.dwfcontract.com/aia-lunch-and-learn/ for more information.

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