SnapPleat Drapery

The SnapPleat Drapery is created by a fabric tape with snaps sewn to the top edge of the drapery panel. When these snaps are attached to the carriers on the rod, this creates an “S” shape design. The fullness of this treatment is measured in the range of 80% – 100% – 120%. The chart below shows examples of the fullness options. The weight of the fabric and the function will determine the appropriate fullness. This treatment is one of the best functioning vertical stacking treatments.


A few of the attributes of the SnapPleat Drapery are:

  • Soft flowing appearance
  • Suitable for Commercial and Residential
  • Panels can be pressed flat
  • No Hooks or Pins needed
  • Low track profile
  • Smaller Stack-back then pleated drapery
  • Looks good from front or back.

Fullness Diagram:

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