Shades and Fascias for Central Kitchen, Englewood Cliffs NJ

We just completed a beautiful installation at the newly opened Central Kitchen in Englewood Cliffs NJ.

IMG 0141

Focusing on our Sunproject line of interior solar shades, combined with our color coordinated aluminum fascias (headboxes) we were able to provide a truly beautiful product for Central Kitchen. 

IMG 7511

As you can see, we were able to perfectly match the colors for the new restaurant with the solar shade fabric; resulting in a truly seemless and unique window treatment solutions.

IMG 7510

By utilizing one of our unqiue Tekno Interior Shades, we were able to keep the texture of the walls while creating a wonderful interior window solution.

IMG 7509

IMG 7508

IMG 7507

IMG 7506

Be sure to visit Central Kitchen in Englewood Cliffs NJ for some wondeful food and check our our window covering solutions.

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